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Liquid Screeding
Fox Bros Contracts use liquid screeds such as Ultraflo and Flotherm
Quick Dry liquid screed Northern Ireland
These types of screed have many benefits over the tradition cement & sand screed. They are quicker to lay and thinner in screed depth much. Liquid screeds have a lower risk of shrinkage or cracking.
However, the main benefits are seen when used with underfloor heating systems. Free flowing liquid screeds fully encapsulate the heating pipes without voids and need only to cover the pipes by 25mm, resulting in a much more responsive heating system which is more economical to run. Underfloor heating systems are always be tested before screed installation.
Liquid Screed Tyrone, Derry, Londonderry, Belfast, Antrim, Fermanagh, Armagh
Because these screeds are liquid in nature, their flow gives a self-smoothing finish, and is virtually self-leveling. They are pump applied and only require minimal tamping to achieve a smooth level surface that is able to take light traffic after only 24 hours.
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