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Products and Services : Screeding
Fox Bros Contracts employ three main methods of screeding.
Traditional Traditional floor screed basically consists of sand & cement mixed at a ratio of between 3 to 5 parts sand & 1 part cement. In the majority of cases 4 to 1 is quite sufficient. In the past, reinforcement was achieved by using Hex wire (chicken wire) or D49 mesh or even horse hair. In the early 90’s Polypropylene Fibres (PPF) started to become very popular, and today PPF is the most common used reinforcement for traditional floor screed. Traditional screed drying times vary according to the weather conditions, depth and material and mixtures used. more information
Quick Drying Fox Bros Contracts use fast-drying screed such as Mapei's Topcem and and Larsen's Dry4 binder, These use super-plasticisers to reduce the amount of water needed to make the screed mixture pliable. more information
Liquid Fox Bros Contracts use liquid screeds such as Ultraflo and Flotherm. These types of screed have many benefits over the tradition cement & sand screed. They are quicker to lay and thinner in screed depth much. Liquid screeds have a lower risk of shrinkage or cracking. more information
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